Technology platforms for the future

We, at Tellick, think that every great application starts with a strong platform foundation. That's why we develop platforms. Platforms that utilize Virtual Reality, Machine Learning & AI and the decentralization of the internet. By building those platforms we enable new and innovative applications, that will help the world be more fun and productive for generations to come.


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Culture of excellence

Developing software is a complex process and therefore deserves the right attention. At Tellick, we strive to always do better. Continuous improvement ensures that we always remain critical of ourselves and our work, in order to improve ourselves. Quality is in Tellick's DNA. Quality is in the result we deliver, but also in the process we follow. We are inspired by the quality principles of Joseph Juran. Quality is not only making the best and most beautiful, but also paying attention to cost efficiency and always with a sensible plan.

Facts and numbers

At Tellick, we always want to make complex decisions based on facts and figures. Where possible, we measure and improve on the basis of pre-determined KPIs. This does not mean that there is no room for feeling and creativity at Tellick. But where necessary, we are more than willing to let the hard facts change our minds.

Keep innovating

New technology brings new possibilities. Sometimes it is a hype that has blown over, but sometimes it can be of value for today's applications. We see it as our job to know and understand new technology and its application so that we can use it responsibly.

Positive impact

Tellick prefers to work on software that has a long-term positive impact. For example, we contribute to the reduction of CO2, the enforcement of laws and regulations, a healthy society, better higher education, political transparency and more efficient software teams. By opting for impact, Tellick helps to improve your company or society. The impact can also be very small, but it can be of great value to you and your company.

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