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We help your organization to achieve innovative objectives. And we do that in concrete terms. For example, by helping with the development of a Virtual Reality application, at which we do not stop at the platform or the technology. We work together to write screenplays. We help create content such as Digital Twins, photo's and video recordings. And we help to give the use of Virtual Reality a soft landing in your organization with workshops, training and the management of Virtual Reality hardware.

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VR training

Simulating practical situations in VR is a powerful learning tool.

Training in VR is better. You can simulate scenarios that are difficult to achieve in practice. Such as a building fire or other unsafe situations. You can also improve the scenarios iteratively to keep up with current challenges. Research* also shows that people trained in VR remember the material better and are stronger in applying the aquired knowledge.

Training in VR is faster. VR glasses can train more people simultaneously and the training can take place at any time.

Training in VR is cheaper. Large physical training scenarios can be replaced by virtual simulations in VR glasses.

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VR Tours with 360 degree video

A virtual tour with 360 degree video is a budget-friendly option for deploying VR. You make the videos easily with a VR camera. With our own platform SceneBrook, processing the videos into an interactive experience is very easy.

A guided tour or onboarding in VR with 360-degree photos and video delivers an experience that comes close to real-life. You can look around freely in the experience and that makes a bigger impression. It feels like you're actually there.

Tellick can help develop a VR tour. We'll take the hassle out of creating a scenario, filming and photographing and further production into the complete VR experience.

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Area development with digital twins

Virtual Reality supports area development by making your plans immersive and visual. Visit a new district virtually or immersive yourself in future plans for a campus or the inner city.

With Virtual Reality you can test plans with stakeholders. This leads to higher rate of satisfaction and more confidence in the end result.

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